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Graphic images also represent a call to action or a need for change.

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For example, the media began to spotlight child malnutrition in the under privileged areas in Africa. Many of the graphic images show thin and sick children. There are even commercials with sad music to add emotion to the cause. Many organizations have been able to raise significant funds to provide clean water and medical treatment to tribes in Africa. The images and videos have created a movement. So then the question still remains, when is it ethical to post a graphic image? Or, when is it too much? I believe this is a decision that should be made by the journalist based on their own personal moral code and the ethical code of the publication they work for.

In other words, a scientific paradigm includes its own scientific problems, instruments and criteria for solving them, a whole view Gestalt of the world. My translation. Grahek [ 52 ] distinguishes between pain asymbolia and other circumstances in which the painful stimulus seems to be felt without the subsequent unpleasant emotion, like for example lobotomized, cingulotomized and morphinized patients.

Only in the case of pain asymbolia do persons not fell the painful stimuli. The other conditions may include cases of indifference to the painful stimuli, but in order to be indifferent to pain, one needs to be able to feel it. Damasio A. Boeyink DE. Pain and Suffering.

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