Lady in Red (Avon Historical Romance)

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Porteous Riots.

When a Laird Finds a Lass audiobook by Lecia Cornwall

Stevenson Scotland, Eighteenth Century. Besant and J. Rice Manners, mid. Meade Falkner Smugglers, Henty India, middle Eighteenth Century. Grier India, middle Eighteenth Century W. Braine Frederick William I. Colburn, Time of Frederick the Great Walter Scott.

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One of L. Muhlbach's several romances dealing with this period. Henty The Seven Years War. Craddock North America, Luthur Adventure in time of Louis XV. Braine Russia, time of Catharine II. Gordon Riots. Frankfort Moore R. Thompson American Revolution B.

Revised edition, Simms American Revolution W. Erckmann-Chatrian's "Madame Therese" translation is another good story of this period In "A Romance of Dijon" Black and "The Dream-Charlotte" Black Miss Betham Edwards has depicted earlier phases of the Revolution; the last-named novel takes us away from the Capital, to show us how the forces of the time affected the simple folk of Normandy. Barr New York, Maxwell, Phil. Seawell American quarrel with France Constellation cruises, Putnam, Pidgin America—time of Aaron Burr C.

Clark Publishing Co. Hale America—time of Aaron Burr Blackmore Time of Nelson Trafalgar. Perez Galdos trans.

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Barthol, Berlin and Spain—Charles IV. Henty Peninsular War. Westall Austria, early Nineteenth Century Hofer. Henty Napoleon's Russian Campaign. Eggleston America—War of Indian War, G. Putnam's Sons. Tauchnitz edition, Buchanan Napoleon and his time Elba. Caine Napoleon and his time J. Henty Napoleon and his time Waterloo.

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Stevenson French prisoner in England, — France, France and America, Grant Richards. Daughter of Louis XVI. Francis Mrs. Plot to rescue Napoleon, Bristol Riots. Vachell First years of Queen Victoria's reign. Hants and California.

John Murray. Stepney Rawson France. Period of tile '48 Revolution.

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Ruffini Italian Revolution, Thos. Henty American Civil War period. Samarow trans. Prussia v. Austria, H.

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Hetzel et Cie. Nothing like exhaustiveness is claimed for this "Supplementary List;" the method of study therein indicated might be indefinitely extended, but the few works given form an almost necessary starting-point. The purport of this book being primarily in the direction of Historical Romance proper, I have confined my attention here to a few works on the borderland of my. Ferrier Scotch character, beginning of Nineteenth Century J. Walter Scott.

As likely to assist Parents and Teachers, I propose to give two lists covering English History from the Norman Conquest for Boys and Girls respectively; but a passing allusion may, first of all, be made to tales dealing with more ancient periods. Turning to the Early History of our own isle, I would specially mention Mr.

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Crake; Mr. In preparing the following lists, I have had in view, for the most part, the average Juvenile taste; doubtless many of the more advanced works might be offered in special cases, but, in regard to that, the Parent or Teacher can alone judge. In Stock.

The Bride Test. The Desert Midwife. Meet Me in Venice. Matters of the Heart. The Guardian of Lies. Breathless Steel Brothers Saga. Love And Other Battles Order a signed copy! The One.

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The Mister. The Burnt Country. The Dark Side. Ghost Fire. Sapphire Flames Hidden Legacy Book 4. The Harp of Kings Warrior Bards. The Unkindest Tide October Daye.