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The wooden toys are beautifully designed, sturdy and incredibly fun to play with. Does your kid want to become a chef? Or copy your delicious cup cakes?

Let them start experimenting in a wooden play kitchen. When food is ready, they love to invite you for the great tasting. High tea will be served with decorative wooden kitchen toys like teapots, cups, plates, forks, cake stand and wooden cakes. Turning the imaginary high tea into a real tea party.

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Are they more into playing shop, running a beauty salon or building clever constructions? You will find wooden cash tills, wooden nail polish, wooden building blocks, wooden cars and trains at HEMA.

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And what makes this set even more fun to play with, it includes four traffic signs, two trees and a church. A roller coaster track with a set of three small cars.

Crafted Wooden Toys and Gifts

The roller coaster track is in cheerful colours, as do the accompanying cars. The undercarriages have wooden beams on which to stack the blocks. The bicycle will help your child learn to stay in balance. The saddle is adjustable in height and therefore grows along with your child. The lowest position of the saddle when measured from the ground up is The balance bicycle is suitable for a body weight up to 39 kilogrammes.

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The bicycle has plastic rims with rubber tyres and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The packaging contains instructions for assembling the bicycle. Warning: not suitable for use in traffic and wearing protection a safety helmet, for example is recommended. Enjoy making lots of fun noises! The carriages house an elephant, a tiger and an alpaca.

DIY Wooden Toy Boat - Making Wooden Toys

The animals are in various cheerful colours. The till comes with a paper roll, a HEMA-card, a drawer for coins and a scanner for scanning all of your purchases. The size of the till is Red, yellow, green, orange Sweety Shrink Plastic Complete kit for creating 6 pieces of jewellery : 2 bracelets, 1 necklace and 3 rings. Mini Story Safari wood Go on safari and see the wild animals or put them in the trailer. The four-wheels drive and the trailer are magnetic for easy assembly.

Contains 1 vet, 1 explorer, 1 elephant, 1 crocodile, 1 zebra, 1 giraffe, 1 four-wheels drive and 1 trailer. Story Box Farm wood Discover the fascinating world of the farm with animals cow, pig, sheep Includes 23 wooden pieces in solid wood. Sold in a box in the shape of a farm to complete setting. Story Circus Train wood Wooden train made up of 4 cars and one giraffe. Story 4 Cars Transporter Lorry wood Super transporter lorry : perfect to carry 4 story racing cars.

Its trailer holds two cars on each level.

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  • The toy is very easy to handle : simply pull on the red handles to slide the ramp toward the back of the trailer and open the door. Four different cars are included : 1 red F1 car, 1 blue speed car, 1 green UK roadster, 1 yellow vintage car. Graffiti Adjustable Easel wood One magnetic marker board for erasable markers and a chalkboard. Adjustable height 91 to cm - Writing surface : 47 x 47,5 cm Very convenient : the blackboard folds for easy storage. Wood : MDF chalkboard , pine wood frame, magnets, green shelf, ruler , plastic cups, eraser, pen. Splash Adjustable Easel wood Double sided wooden easel with one magnetic dry-wipe board and one chalk board.

    Tactile Puzzle Forest Animals 20 pieces Giant piece puzzle in rigid cardboard, with 7 pieces with textures fur for the fox, the bear, the doe, the rabbit, imitation feather for the owl, glitter effect for the wing of the butterfly, textured effect for the leaves.

    Illustration with bright colors on the Forest Animals theme. Poster included.

    DIY Stuffed Toys That Make Great Gifts

    Puzzle : 65 x 50 cm Surprise Puzzle Under the Stars 20 pieces Giant piece puzzle made of stiff cardboard, with 8 surprise pieces! What is the polar bear looking at? Who is hidden on its back? What is flying in the Arctic sky? Illustrations in soft colours based on the theme of icefield animals.

    Matching Game - Bingo Color An ideal game to learn the colours while having fun! Each player chooses their bingo card and must try to be the first to fill it with the counters. Progressive game play, with an easy side illustrated by coloured circles for toddlers and a more difficult side with a lovely illustration to complete for older children.

    This game develops concentration and the sense of observation.

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    From 2 to 6 players. Cards : 23 x 14 cm 9. By tapping as quickly as possible on the cards played and by observing the clues provided, be the first to regain your normal shape! There are two ways To win, to no longer have any cards in your draw pile or to find out how you have been transfigured! From 3 to 4 players.