Multilingualism at work : from policies to practices in public, medical and business settings

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Multilingualism at Work From policies to practices in public, medical and business settings 9

In its first chapter, Anthonissen illustrates the rich linguistic diversity of South Africa and the complex interactional context of state-run HIV clinics in the West Cape. This is followed by an interesting study by Baraldi and Gavioli in which they highlight the role of interpreters as talk coordinators and responders who allow or reject the emergence of new interac- tional organizations. This research is guided by the goal of designing contextually relevant material for interpreter training courses.

The third section is devoted to the study of multilingual workplaces in the business sector. DuBord opens this section with a study which looks at how convergent and divergent linguistic practices play a role in the construction of solidarity, co-membership and rapport between employer and possible employee in job interviews.

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Given the longitudinal nature of the research, this is a valuable study in that it shows how, by becoming part of the community, the researcher can gain greater insight into the social norms of this community. Though the research objectives of some chapters are not clearly distinguished, this volume combines a wide and enriching variety of theoretical, such as in the case of the chapter by Gentil et al.

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An example of the latter is the multiplicity of data collection and analysis methods generally used, such as participant observation, ethnographic interviews, case studies, conversation analysis and discourse analysis, all of which are put to good use in showing valid interpretations of multilingual workplace interaction. The book also considers many different uses and possible reasons for the use of multiple languages at work.

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This book is certainly worthwhile reading for researchers interested in intercultural work- place communication as well as language policy and multilingualism. Finally, several of the research projects explored in some of these chapters will certainly inspire future research in, for instance, the importance of relevant interpreter training that addresses cultural- and activity-specific issues of particular contexts of workplace interaction.

Reviewed by: Daria Dayter, English Linguistics, University of Bayreuth, Germany This is an undergraduate level guide to the field in which the author presents the main concepts, methods and findings of conversation analysis CA by summarizing classic papers in an accessible manner as well as drawing extensively on his own research in the area.

It is not a coincidence that this introduction is aimed at a student readership not only from the field of linguistics, but also sociology and anthropology: the close relationship among these sister disciplines and their relevance to the study of language emerges as the reader proceeds through the book. Through English examples and case studies the stu- dent is provided with answers to the most basic questions of CA: How is talk organized? How do conversationalists know when to talk and when to listen? How can interactional behaviour be analysed? Chapter 1 immediately entices students into the field with an engaging analysis of a fragment of talk.

Chapter 2 provides essential information on CA methodology: gathering data, analys- ing it and creating data collections. Rather, the author relates the considerations of Gail Jefferson during the creation of the transcription system in the early years of CA. Quite surprisingly, the first part of the conclusion reproduces the conclusion of Chapter 1 almost verbatim; however, there is a clear continuity between the two chapters, and the reiteration of main points does not seem out of place.

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    Multilingualism at Work

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