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Winning novels are recorded but not included; latterly, winners of the Rhysling Award for sf Poetry also appear. Early Nebula anthologies appeared in the year after the award presentations; this continued until Nebula Award Stories 11 edited by Ursula K Le Guin , whose US edition was delayed to From then until the year of publication was two years behind the year for which the awards were given.

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With the appearance in the same year of Nebula Award Stories Seventeen anth edited by Joe W Haldeman and The Nebula Award Winners 18 edited by Robert Silverberg , the books went back to trailing the award year by only one year until the delay between Nebula Awards 21 anth and Nebula Awards 22 anth — both edited by George Zebrowski — restored the two-year gap.

At present the anthology titles include the year of volume publication, but trail the actual presentations by a year: thus Nebula Awards Showcase anth edited by Ellen Datlow contains the shorter works which won Nebulas at the ceremony, having been published in Like Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov, and Frank Herbert So, it was immediately this feeling of being added into an exclusive club, or onto a list of greats.

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I really felt so odd about that at first — I still do — but it's just an amazing, wonderful feeling," Ledbetter said. The station's monopoly on space births gives them control of humans' ability to colonize space, so when a pregnant woman attempts to prove that healthy zero G births are possible, a man is sent to stop her. As a year veteran of the aerospace industry, Ledbetter is well acquainted with the world he's creating. Over the years, he's worked on missiles, aircraft engines, rockets, and the radiator system for the International Space Station, he said.

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To him, "the hardware of space exploration" is fascinating. I remember when I was a kid watching the Apollo 11 moon landing.

It's always been there for me. So that kind of story winning made it extra special. Ledbetter said he is considering expanding "The Long Fall Up" into a novel, and is working on another long-form project.