Oil Injustice: Resisting and Conceding a Pipeline in Ecuador

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These groups generated divergent and at times rival reactions to the pipeline, though at their core, the multiple campaigns developed from a shared history and awareness of a number of marginalized communities and degraded environments in areas most important to the oil process. Widener shows that global environmental justice demands are bound within a capitalist political system, where community activists, national NGOs and their international allies are forced to seek local change rather than attempt to defeat a disabling and unequal system.

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Reviews "An important film--it puts a human face on the very real and severe consequences of our thirst for oil. Yet it also gives viewers hope in the way it shows how two young adults can make meaningful changes to the world around them.

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This inspiring eco-activist true tale is highly recommended. Cassady, Video Librarian "I don't know if one person can change the world, but perhaps two people can, and if so, Hugo Lucitante and David Poritz are the two The world needs more people like Hugo and David, who straddle worlds with knowledge and dignity, and it needs them fast Instead, this documentary searches for answers through the lives, pressures and actions of two young men, who are growing up with a heavy burden of decision: to negotiate, to regulate or to resist the oil companies.

Watch it, and ask yourself: how could I resolve the ongoing injuries of oil? Then remember that these two young men are working and studying to be the leaders that they want to be--in order to solve the harms of an industry, or ills that were not created by them and in many cases that predate them. Unlike other analyses on the topic, this film does not demonize or simplify the oil industry or indigenous peoples.

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Rather, it brings the very human connections we all have to each other and to the planet, including with petroleum resources, to the forefront and presents hopeful global and local solutions to pathways beyond fossil fuels. Students, educators, policymakers, and industry experts will not only learn from this film, but will hopefully be inspired by it to create real change.

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Oil and Water is the most complete portrait of how societies might move beyond 'the oil curse' to use resources from crude development to benefit the local communities from which it is found. Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books.

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