On Art and War and Terror

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On Art and War and Terror | Alex Danchev

On the morning of 11 September Gerhard Richter and his wife were travelling to New York when, at 8. A hijacked aeroplane had just crashed into the World Trade Centre. Richter later painted September , but refused to exhibit the work for some time, even considering at one point destroying it.

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For an artist who had confronted some of the most traumatic events in German history, including the Second World War and — in his seminal cycle of paintings from , 18 Oktober, — the arrests and deaths of the Baader-Meinhof gang, 11 September, as both an event and a painting, perhaps represented an all-too-personal reminder of the iconic status that certain images can assume over time.

Again, the political reaction to terrorism would appear to do more to undermine democracy than terrorism itself, producing the very effect that terrorists attempt to achieve.

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The Art of Terror

Tate Etc 20 August The legacy of the war on terror Art and terrorism Anthony Downey For centuries artists have both responded to and reflected on political actions and events that shape society. Dr Cocking flatly refutes the notion that a panic actually took place: "If you see a crowd surge towards you and armed officers on the streets," he says, "this is a perfectly logical response. The government advice for terrorist attacks is to 'run, hide and tell'.

‘Age of Terror: Art since 9/11’ at Imperial War Museum London

The irony is that when people follow that advice they are accused of panicking. That single event marked the beginning of a violent period of political unrest and a civil liberties disaster; it gave governments and regimes a tool to swiftly relieve mass populations of their rights and civilians of their lives; it has contributed to the hardening of political views, institutional racism and discriminatory attitudes.

However, when it comes to actually making the population scared, neither these repercussions nor the many subsequent attacks seem to have affected us as much as they're sometimes touted to have. We're aware that attacks are a possibility, but we don't let that define the way we approach the world, or — for that matter — even appear to consider it very much at all.

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