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Some examples of levies in Australia include long service leave levy, industry training levy and industry waste or landfill levies. Contact your state government department or local council for further information on levies in your state.

Construction Management for Contractors

Starting a new business relationship can be a leap of faith. If you're thinking of engaging with a new client, supplier or contractor, find out how you can protect your business. Taking simple steps can help you prevent disputes and unpaid debt by your creditors. Read our information on preventing unpaid debt. As well as trade marks , there are other IP rights that may be relevant to construction businesses:. Design protection e.

IP Australia is the federal government agency responsible for granting rights in patents, trade marks and designs. The building and construction industry often use contractors to perform specialist skills such as plasterers, concreters, draftspersons, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers. Use our independent contractors decision tool to help you determine the employment status of your workers. With flexible hours and on the job training, the construction industry lends itself easily to taking on apprentices and trainees.

If you take on an apprentice or trainee, you can access a range of government support and financial help. See the Australian Apprenticeships Centre website to find out more. Industry training can be an important part of your business survival.

Construction Management and General Contractors in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

New construction methods or safety practices can often help improve your business and save lives. Need some help getting started? Environmental conditions can often dictate certain aspects of a construction project.

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Learning how to work within these conditions and also reduce your impacts on the environment can improve your success. Some of the main environmental concerns that businesses in the construction industry should be aware of include:.

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Go to environmental management for detailed information and advice. Mates in Construction provides suicide prevention training and support to people in the construction industry. If you need advice or someone to talk to, contact Mates in Construction on or information matesinconstruction. You can find more organisations that provide information and support to help you with your health and wellbeing on the ATO website.

Business advisors can be a valuable tool when establishing and developing your business. Search Advisory Services to find one near you. You may also wish to consult with an industry association or group for more information and advice on your industry. See something not quite right?

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  5. Let us know on our contact us page. Make sure you know how to keep your workplace safe. From zoning laws to a food licence, the licences and permits you need will vary. They often depend on the location of your business and the industry you're in. It's essential to arrange insurance when you're in business - this may include insuring your business, your income and your commercial risk.

    Taking out the right insurance will help protect your business and minimise its exposure to risk. Home Planning Templates and tools Industry fact sheets Building and construction industry fact sheet.

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    Swedish firm Volvo Construction Equipment had launched an operator assist tool called the Compact Assist in , an intelligent compaction system for soil and asphalt compactors. According to Volvo , the Compact Assist software can automatically map see figure below passes that the compactor makes and record temperature maps for the area. Volvo claims to have developed AI algorithms for an additional feature in the software called the Density Direct which can potentially adapt to new asphalt mixes and lifts and automatically calibrate to final density requirements.

    According to Dr. Fares Beainy, machine intelligence program leader at Volvo Construction Equipment:. In the 7-minute video below, Dr. According to this case study from Smartvid. The company claims that that VINNIE was able to weed through 1, submissions of construction site photos for the ENR Photo Competition in under 10 minutes and correctly detect images with people. The humans required 4. In addition, the company claims that VINNIE was also able to flag 32 images containing personnel missing safety hard hats, and images with workers missing high visibility clothing.

    In the 2-minute video below from Smartvid. However, it must be noted here that experienced human safety professionals can spot thousands of issues in construction data while VINNIE can currently recognize only a few specific categories of issues and is not intended to replace human workers today. The company also claims to have completed successful projects with construction firms like Skanska , Suffolk and Mortenson Construction among others. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang believes the ability of construction machinery to perceive their surroundings and be continuously alert to humans and other construction objects in their surroundings through the use of 3D models will help operators work more efficiently and safely.

    According to the company the project has been initiated in worksites in the US alone with plans of it being integrated into more in the future. Yuichi Iwamoto, senior executive officer, CTO at Komatsu says that the company will use NVIDIA technology to create 3D visualizations of construction sites, including the real-time interaction of people, machinery and objects. At the time of writing however, the project still is underway and no measurable results for the were available.

    Archdesk - Best Construction Project Management Software

    The company claims that their platform can change the thermostat settings in a space on-demand, and have preferences automatically applied over time. According to Building Robotics and Intel Intel provides IoT gateways enabling the physical connection of the Building Management System BMS to the cloud the Comfy app can collect data from existing BMS in commercial spaces and also take into account user request data to moderate and optimize temperatures in different parts of the building dynamically with the aim of increasing cost savings and improving energy efficiencies in commercial spaces.

    Once Comfy receives a request from a user, it automatically provides 10 minutes of hot or cool air to gauge the discomfort levels based on how many additional requests are received. Over time, the app uses user request data to identify patterns and preferences based on location and time of day. Here is a short 1-minute marketing video from Building Robotics giving an overview of their product Comfy:.

    Although at the time of writing more detailed information on the training and configuration or veracity of the results was still unavailable. Doxel is a silicon valley startup claiming to provide AI-enhanced software focused at improving construction productivity. Doxel uses rugged robots and drones equipped with cameras and LiDAR sensors to monitor and scan worksites.

    The company claims that the visual data is processed using deep learning algorithms to measure the currently installed quantities and the rate of production by matching against the desired planning and design parameters for the client. The company claims that their AI platform can also detect errors in the construction by comparing visual data from everyday scans of the jobsite to small scale design models.

    Doxel claims that it has had a couple of successful collaborations in the past, and one such example is their project for the Kaiser Permanente Viewridge Medical Office project. Given below is a short video from Doxel which shows how the company uses rugged robots and drones to track construction productivity.


    The 2-minute video below is an explainer from Doxel about how the company can help construction firms:. It is unclear exactly how much of this savings can be attributed directly to Doxel. There seems to be a consensus for example in the UK , UAE and Canada in the construction sector that AI can go a long way in addressing the safety risks and inefficiencies. In the near future, with data-gathering cameras on heavy equipment and drone-based terrain visualization for the jobsite, it is expected that AI will enable operators to make informed decisions based on higher awareness levels about their surroundings and also help monitor construction equipment towards improving efficiency.

    The major applications for AI in the construction sector seem to congeal around using machine learning for pattern recognition and machine vision for image recognition as we have come to expect in the early stages of AI adoption in most other industries. Enhancing safety of human workers in construction sites using AI is starting to gain prominence among most large construction firms.

    Although, in the next five years we expect to see many AI vendors working on improving efficiency of the construction processes from planning to monitoring during actual construction. In our previous report, we covered the current use cases for AI in construction and building. Many AI vendors claim to offer software for numerous finance use cases, such as credit scoring, insurance underwriting, debt collection, fraud detection, and more recently, financial regulations, or so-called regtech.