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But under the current administration, the president and the press have repeatedly accused each other of dishonesty. Many of these fabrications are ignored or quickly forgotten by a public that is no longer surprised by mendacity. But all lies are not equal. Some memorable lies have been spectacularly false but wrought relatively little harm. But other lies in history not only were whoppers, but also caused untold damage. Here are eight lies that had serious, large-scale, long-term consequences. No doubt there are very many more evil fabrications we have overlooked. We welcome your input.

Even as he spoke, he was operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history. But many people in the Bush administration were convinced that the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein in Iraq was not only conspiring with Al Qaeda but was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction to use against the United States illustrated in the above quote from Dick Cheney.

The informant was soon discredited , and the uranium documents were discovered to be obvious fakes , but the wheels were already in motion. In , President Bush told the country that Saddam not only had stockpiled deadly chemical and biological agents, but that he had also been building nuclear bombs.

In the United States launched war against Iraq. Regardless, the financial and human cost was devastating.

General Colin Powell, who led the U. Ambassador defending the Bush invasion. For years, the tobacco industry assured customers that cigarettes were neither unhealthy nor addictive. Johnston, CEO of R.

The reality, of course, is quite different. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that , Americans die every year from cigarettes. On October 21, , President Johnson assured the country, as he was running for president, that they had nothing to worry about. Despite his words, the following March, he began shipping Americans by the tens of thousands to Vietnam. After Johnson left the White House, President Nixon continued the pretense, even secretly expanding the war into Cambodia. Americans were furious when, in , defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg released military intelligence — known as the Pentagon Papers — that showed the extent of the deception.

Result: In addition to the 58, American lives it claimed, the war produced a chronic mistrust of the government that, for many, continues to this day. In the s, Joseph Stalin was determined to wipe out private farms in Ukraine and put the population into Soviet controlled communes. He instituted a policy that began starving this region.

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Ultimately, between two and four million people starved to death. As could be expected, the Soviet government denied any problems. Walter Duranty, a reporter for the New York Times , wrote repeatedly that was no famine those are his words, above. His reporting helped the world turn away from the deaths and imprisonment of millions. In fact, the German army had thrown everything it had into one last, desperate chance for victory. By June, they had simply run out of steam. Moreover, the revolution had begun not by civilians but by members of the German military.

But the lie was swallowed by Germans who were convinced that if only the troublemakers could be silenced, Germany would regain its greatness. The Jews were also plotting, he claimed, to slaughter Christian children, spread plague, and commit other atrocities. Despite the fact that the Protocols were shown to be a malicious fabrication, many people stubbornly believed its vile slanders. Henry Ford thought it so important he paid to publish half a million copies.

And the Nazis later cited it to justify their slaughter of eight million Jews. In , French military intelligence officers learned the Germans were receiving secret information about new French artillery. After reviewing possible suspects on the French General Staff, they accused Lt.

Alfred Dreyfus. His chief qualification for being suspect was his Jewish faith.

You say you’re available, but you’re not…legally

High-ranking military officials had been determined to pin the blame on Dreyfus. They had secretly supplied the judges with wholly invented evidence. And the fact that there was absolutely nothing that implicated him was actually used against him. In , new evidence indicated the traitor was actually another officer who was allowed to flee the country.

Is Book Week one of the biggest lies we've ever told our children?

Ultimately it yielded to pressure and tried Dreyfus again, and convicted him again. Result: The lie did more than convict an innocent man. It split the country between social classes, age groups, and political parties. The French military finally proclaimed Dreyfus innocent in Become a Saturday Evening Post member and enjoy unlimited access. Subscribe now.

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Germany had all but won world war 1 England was finished, the signing of the Balfour declaration, clearly shows the British buying off Zionist influence to drag america into the war by giving them Palestine, or part there of, in Nov The problem with the advertising is that it shows a busy mom choosing Nutella as the perfect breakfast snack when served with multi-grain toast or whole wheat waffles. Skechers pulled out the big guns for this one. They brought in social media superstar Kim Kardashian to front the campaign.

They produced a multi-million dollar ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

Lie #1. “Be Authentic”

The claim was complete hogwash. The ads were full of huge lies to support this flat-out-wrong claim. Kim Kardashian did not get into the shape she was in by wearing Shape-Ups. After a while, wearers of the shoes realized they had been taken for a ride.

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That was the headline the ad agency and the client thought was going to sell a lot of the pomegranate drink. Why not? POM Wonderful was not going to prevent anyone from cheating death.

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However, the lie was not considered to be the issue. Although it was obviously not true, it would make people think the drink had a lot of health benefits, and that was considered deceptive by the ASA. The ad was pulled. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are hugely popular because they allow people to connect from all over the world. The advertising told you that someone, a former classmate, was looking for you. After signing up for gold and entering credit card details, it became quickly apparent that no one was looking for you at all.

It was a complete fabrication used to sell monthly memberships. Size matters, and the claims that Extenze and its spokesperson Jimmy Johnson made did not fall on deaf ears.

17 Women Share The Biggest Money Lies They've Ever Told

Vitamins, whether taken as supplements or a part of a food or drink, they are essential for life. By that logic, a drink like Vitamin Water must be great for you. Coca-Cola, the makers of Vitamin Water, found it a little odd that people thought Vitamin Water was healthy. Bad breath is nothing to be proud of.