The Human Pain System

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Lower-level pain pathways

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Pain and how you sense it -

Additionally, opioid medications are associated with many side effects and the potential for serious addiction and overdose. There is very limited evidence of how opioids affect central nervous system neurophysiology brain structure and activity. We hope that these findings will, in turn, help inform medical practice regarding the use and prescription of opioids for chronic pain.

These research projects are expected to also provide new scientific knowledge that can be used to help develop new pain medications with reduced consequences of addiction and overdose. The Human Affect and Pain Neuroscience Laboratory primarily studies the central nervous system as a key system involved in and influenced by chronic pain conditions. However, several other major body systems are also involved in and influenced by chronic pain — and these other body systems interact with the central nervous system changes as well. Through collaborations with other researchers and research laboratories, we extend our research on the central nervous system primarily brain and spinal cord neuroimaging in order to study how the central nervous system changes interact with other body systems in chronic pain.

Current ongoing collaborations include the study of how central nervous system changes are related to altered immune system function in chronic pain.

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Schematic of some of the myriad interactions between the changes observed in the central nervous system and in other body systems in chronic pain states. Created by Dr.

Peripheral Nervous System: Crash Course A&P #12

Martucci and Lisa Cha undergraduate research assistant Altered prefrontal correlates of monetary anticipation and outcome in chronic pain. The posterior medial cortex in urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome: detachment from default mode network-a resting-state study from the MAPP Research Network.

Differential effects of experimental central sensitization on the time-course and magnitude of offset analgesia. Opioid-independent mechanisms supporting offset analgesia and temporal sharpening of nociceptive information. Lab Description The Human Affect and Pain Neuroscience Laboratory is interested in central nervous system brain and spinal cord processes and alterations in individuals with chronic pain. Currently, we have active clinical research projects studying: Alterations in brain and cervical spinal cord structure and function in chronic pain The relationship between brain reward systems and behavior in chronic pain Neurophysiological effects of opioid medications in chronic pain.

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Altered Brain and Spinal Cord Activity and Structure in Chronic Pain Neuroimaging research has shown over the last few decades that individuals with chronic pain show differences in brain structure and activity. Effects of Opioid Use on Neurophysiology in Chronic Pain There is currently great controversy over the use of prescription opioids for chronic non-cancer pain.

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The Nervous System and Pain

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