Understanding IPv6: Covers Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (3rd edition)

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We recomm DPDK releases v Harini Ramakrishnan on AM.

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Windows support for DPDK merges into the community maintained repository with v Troubleshooting Kubernetes Networking on Windows: Part 1. David Schott on AM. There are multiple components involved in the creatio This is the third in a series of posts covering synthetic accelerations covering Windows Server , R2, , and This is the second in a series of posts covering synthetic accelerations specifically VMQ on , R2, , and This is the first in a series of posts covering synthetic accelerations specifically VMQ on , R2, , and Primer on how to prevent bad testing methodologies from affecting your time accuracy.

Windows Server 2012 NIC Teaming Part 6 – Support Policies

In this article, we show a simple setup video and written instructions for testing the new Precision Time Protocol PT Introducing: Kubernetes Overlay Networking for Windows. David Schott on PM. Enhanced support for network topologies, network isolation, and scalability for containers via overlay networking!

AnirbanPaul on PM. Dan Cuomo on PM. Check here for the link! As always, before performing any type of server maintenance such as a Windows Server installation, perform a complete backup of any applications and data that you want to preserve.

Do not forget to include the system state when backing up the legacy Windows operating system. It is required when performing a restore if you want to maintain the existing Windows settings.

To upgrade to Windows Server , you must be running the most recent server level operating system, Windows Server R2. Upgrades from older operating systems are not supported.

Most popular services

Table 3. If you need to preserve settings and upgrade a legacy operating system such as Windows or Windows Server, you should first upgrade the system should to Windows Server R2 and then to Windows Server Typically, this is not the recommended approach because the hardware is usually outdated; however, the multiple upgrade approach is doable. Although direct upgrades from a GUI version of the server to a core installation is still not supported, with Windows Server , you can easily upgrade to a GUI version and then convert to a core installation or vice versa.

One of the first decisions you have to make when installing Windows Server is whether you will be using a Server Core installation or a server with GUI installation.


Server Core installations were introduced with the release of the Windows Server family of operating systems and consist of only a minimal installation footprint. On a Server Core installation, the traditional GUI tools are not available, and there is also limited managed code support. Windows Server supports more roles on a Server Core installation than any earlier version of the operating system.

Even more important, Windows Server can be switched from a Server Core installation to a GUI installation with a single command and a reboot. After the installation of Windows Server , you have the opportunity to configure the core settings required for server operation. Taking the time to gather the information described in the following sections before starting your installation will likely make your installation go faster, smoother, and easier. Although items such as the server name and IP address are required for a server to function, values are automatically generated during installation.

Specific system settings are manually entered after the installation is complete, unless an unattended installation with an answer file is used. Each computer on a network must have a name that is unique within that network. Many companies have a standard naming convention for their servers and workstations. If not, you can use the following information as a guideline for creating your own. Although the computer name can contain up to 63 characters, workstations and servers that are pre-Windows recognize only the first 15 characters. It is widely considered a best practice to use only Internet standard characters in your computer name.

This includes the letters A—Z uppercase and lowercase , the numbers 0—9, and the hyphen -.

IPv6 static Addressing and DNSv6

Think carefully and test thoroughly before straying from the standard Internet characters noted in the preceding paragraph. In addition to the server name, you need to determine the name of the workgroup or domain that the server will be joining. You can either enter the name of an existing Windows domain or workgroup to join or create a new workgroup by entering in a new name. Grouping the equipment in this manner allows you to set up centralized security and administration. Conversely, a workgroup has no centralized security or administration.

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This title, an update to Understanding IPv6, 2 nd Edition , is the definitive resource for Windows network architects, implementers, and support staff on IPv6 and its implementation in Windows. Understanding IPv6, 3 rd Edition contains the following changes and additions:.

Books - Buy Books Online at Best Prices In India | hindrejebepu.cf

In the coming years, the entire IT pro world must be educated on IPv6. Although this book works well for individual learning, if you are tasked with teaching IPv6 to others, please consider using this book as the courseware for a course at the college level or for your own internal training program. To facilitate group-based, instructor or demonstration-led training, this book contains:.